Driveline Scotland have the capability to manufacture and repair small PTO propshafts through to the heavy industrial shafts. We can also design propshafts from application specifications for automotive vehicles and for industrial markets. We also offer a complete refurbishment and repair service on all propshaft types.

Our propshaft range of products:

SAE 0500 series to 1900 series
Compact Style 2015 To 2065
Mechanics 2C to 15C
Klein & GWB 473.10 To 587.60
Industrial Shaft Components 587.50 To 390.65
Scania Components P300 To P600
Mercedes Shafts & Components
Volvo Components NK300 To NK600
Elbe Components 0.105 To 0.120
Spicer Components SPL41 To SPL250
Tube Imperial Metric Swaged & Resilient Tube In Tube
Car & 4x4 Components & Propshafts
Ford Transit Components & Shafts
Forklift Components & Shafts
C.V Joints

*Components conform to Quality Assurance ISO 9001 – 2008 specifications

Driveline Scotland's propshaft range of applications:

Light commercial vehicles
Passenger vehicles
Service cars
Kit cars
Classic cars
4×4 and Landrover
Nissan Navara
VW Touareg
Mobile cranes
Heavy commercial vehicles
Heavy duty trucks
Transport buses
Light duty vehicles
Mercedes Vito
Mercedes Sprinter
Four wheel drive vehicles
Standard rear wheel drive pick-ups
Marine applications
Plant vehicles and machinery
Drilling and mining applications
Pump drives
Paper mill machinery


Our propshaft services include:

Modification of propshafts to meet new and revised driveline requirements
Shortening or extending of propshafts
Propshaft repairs
Design and manufacture new propshafts to customer’s specifications
Emergency response to propshaft requirements by providing a 24 hour call option
Pick up and deliver service within the local area

Propshaft Quality Assurance:  

Driveline Scotland Limited are an independent propshaft specialist that prides itself on its various services of manufacturing, designing and supplying a complete range of propshaft products and associated components that suits all application requirements including commercial vehicles, cars, industrial and specialist applications.  

We offer the quickest response to propshaft modifications and repairs, all supported by our facility’s vast stock & availability of replacement components.
As part of our technical service, we also offer professional guidance and recommendations on the best and most appropriate shafts. 

We always welcome enquiries from individuals, businesses and companies to discuss their propshaft requirements. The aim of Driveline Scotland Limited is to provide all clients with an efficient, swift and cost-effective solution to their Driveline needs. .


"Excellent, professional service. I won't be going anywhere else next time"

- P. McMillan, Glasgow -

"Fast, efficient service at a surprisingly reasonable price"

- C. Campbell, Stirling -

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